While most users think using a fake name is enough to be an anonymous internet user, you need to know more than that to hide your real identity on the internet.


Many people on the Internet may want to hide their identity and share anonymously for different reasons. However, most internet users think it is anonymous only because it uses a fake name on their profile, causing them trouble. If you want to be ‘really’ anonymous on the internet, check again if you follow the following rules.

1.When your true identity is revealed, You cannot hide again.

Some users may no longer realize that once they are exposed, their identities are fully exposed. Moreover, these users continue to think they are anonymous again as if nothing had happened. But the truth is, no footprint on the internet is erased. So once you're exposed, there's no going back.

2-If there is someone else who knows his real identity, you are not considered anonymous.

No matter how reliable, if you share your true identity with someone else, you're not exactly anonymous. Because the secret that two people know is not a secret.

3.Your true identity must not be seen anywhere.

On a very remote platform, you may not care if your true identity is visible for a short time. But remember, the internet is a network. Therefore, those who wish to reveal your true identity will look even in the remotest corners to achieve their goals.

4-Do not match your fake ID with your real identity.

If you match your fake identity with your real identity, anonymity is out of the question. For example, using an email address with your real identity in your anonymous account is a great way to reveal your identity.

5-If one of the two paired anonymous accounts is deciphered, the other is deciphered.

Revelations in your paired accounts will hit other accounts as well. An example is to connect to the anonymous email address that you connect to your anonymous account with your real IP address.

6-Anonymity cannot be mentioned if you are in a country that has not signed The Hague Conventions.

If the content you produce comes to judgment, anonymity will be completely eliminated and true identity will be revealed, as using a proxy and VPN will not be the cure.

7-Remain silent with your real identity to be anonymous.

Today's artificial intelligence analyzes and matches data very well. Therefore, any content you produce with your true identity endangers your anonymity.